Wall Bird

   Numeric LED Display system interfaced with PC. This is a state of the art digital display system, which is a simple board and can be hanged on a wall. This can be custom made for displaying the interest rates, currency rates, and grocery item rates etc. The user has the convenience of keying in the rates from his desktop PC. This system is password protected against unauthorized entry of rates. This has a date and time display integrated alongside the rates display. The data, time and date in the system is protected against power supply failures, fluctuations and so on. The Displays are completely customizable as per the customer needs. The size of each display system is (2 feet x 2.5 feet). The Display systems can be viewed from a wide angle with a viewing distance of more than 100 feet.  

Medical e-Time Keeper

   Medical e-Time Keeper is capable of interfacing with multiple medical institutions and delivering accurate and timely information to diverse, heterogeneous clients, because of the nature of the medical industry. Patient informations are made available to medical institution applications such as physician offices. The portal allows the physician application to search for patients, retrieve patient profiles and medical history.

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